FAQ's (frequently asked questions).

How can I download a MIDI file to my computer? When I click on the file's name it start playing.

If you don't want the piece to start playing, instead of clicking with the mouse left button, click with the right button and from the drop down menu select "Save destination as". A dialogo box opens which allows you to select the folder where you wanto to save the song.

I need to download one of arcamusical's accompaniments in a CD so I can play it in my CD player. What should I do?

CD players usually don't recognize MIDI files, you need first to convert the MIDI accompaniment to an audio format your CD player can read, like wav or mp3 but, take notice that not all CD players can read mp3 files. To convert the midi file you must use a converter software. There are quite a few free audio and video converters in the Web. We suggest you use Switch Sound File Converter which has a rather good basic free version. So here are the steps: 1. Download the song (accompaniment). 2. Download and install the converter software. 3. Load the song in the converter software and convert it to the desired format

Bajar Switch Sound File Converter.

How can I change language in Audacity audio editor?

When Audacity is installed, it automatically recognizes the language of your operating system. Nevertheless, it is possible to change languages in Audacity once installed. Suppose your Audacity program is in English and you want to change it to German. Follow these steps: 1. Open the program Audacity. 2. Open the Edit Menu and choose "Preferences". 3. In the dialog box that follows, choose the field "Language" and select German or the language of your choice. 4. Click OK. Now you are done.

Is it possible to convert an mp3 or any other audio file to MIDI format?

No, at the present stage of technology this is not possible.

Is it possible to obtain the music score of a piece from its MIDI or audio file?

It is not possible to obtain the score of the piece from its mp3 file or any other audio format file. However, it is possible to obtain the score of a piece from its MIDI file, but the file obtained usually shows some "weird" notation, for example lots of unnecesary ledger lines or dobule dots, among other things. With a little effort, however, the notes can be read and the file might be useful.

Is it possible to transport the score of a piece to another key (pitch) using a music notation software?

Yes, it is possible. Most music notation software (MuseScore included) can perform that action.