Easy pdf piano scores of beautiful songs with MP3 file for listening the score. Also pdf score and MP3 piano accompaniment. Play the melody while being accompanied by a virtual pianista at home. See list of songs.


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New today: Easy piano score of song Don't be cruel (Elvis Presley), Y por tanto (Charles Aznavour), Those were the days my friend (Mary Hpkin)Everything I do/Todo lo que hago (Bryan Adams),Delilah (Tom Jones)

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Do you want to transpose a score of one of our songs to other tonality or change its speed and you don' know how to do it? Just send me a mail to explaining what you want and I'll send the modified file to you at no cost.

Do you want the MIDI file of one of the MP3's of this site? Just send me a mail to and I'll send the MIDI to you at no cost.

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Score of melody and lyrics of most songs included.

Learn here how to change the pitch or rythm of a mp3 or MIDI file. Learn how to translate a score to a new tone... Learn more...

It's like having my own personal accompanist at home!

oboe I love downloading some accompaniments to a CD and organizing small concerts with my friends.

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If you are a music teacher I'll bet you'd like to find a site with a lot of materials to use with your students.

amanda I Love seeing how they continue to work at home with these tunes. Learn more...

Becoming an amateur musician is so easy today. Hundred times easier than it was in the past. Enjoy while you learn new things. No need to leave your home. It's all here, at your finger tips!

senior1 I didn't know how much technology can help ordinary people like me, with no previous music knowledge, to get involved in musical activies. And itis so much fun! Learn more...